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Avoid the Muddle of Medical Office Space Planning

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Avoid the Muddle of Medical Office Space Planning

medical office space planning

It’s another day and medical practices of all sizes set out to find a lease renewal process that will suit or a search for a new medical office space altogether. All too often, they go forth with no plan or strategy in place. Sadly, the result is they often end up spending more time and money than necessary.

Obviously the property owners will be looking for advantages in their lease agreements, so you will need time to negotiate details once you find the right space. The negotiation process can be much more daunting than you may imagine. Locating the right medical office space isn’t easy. Landlords want to avoid things like high traffic, above-average power needs and health department approvals sometimes associated with healthcare facilities.

As if these obstacles are not enough, consider this. If you plan to lease and build out standard space of, for example, a 10,000 sq. ft. healthcare facility in an existing building, you could easily be looking at two years or more to get the job done right. If your project is more complicated, with extensive new construction, then it could take even longer.

That’s why so many medical practices and dental practices count on the expertise of a management company to avoid the muddle of medical office space planning.

Even if you decide to get some help from the experts, there are things you need to know and questions you will need to answer, before moving forward:

  • Does your practice need to maintain a certain image or is price the most important consideration?
  • What are the needs as far as accessibility?
  • Is parking a priority?
  • How important is access to public transportation?
  • Are there specific requirements as to where the practice is located?

What you will not have to worry about is where to look to find the most preferred space to lease or purchase. Nor will you have to be concerned with negotiating the deal, and if you’re opening a new facility you don’t have any of the headache, but rather a smooth transition to your new offices.

Your medical/dental real estate experts know about the special needs of your business, including infrastructure, parking needs, location requirements and more. And, because your team of experts know the medical real estate and dental real estate market inside out, they do all of the work, so you can take care of your practice and your patients. It’s the best way to avoid the muddle of medical office space planning.