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Choosing the Right Real Estate Team

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Choosing the Right Real Estate Team

Most medical and dental professionals dream of opening their own office.  When the time is right, it is imperative to work with the right team.  Real estate, contractor, equipment rep, and legal professionals specialize in a similar manner to which healthcare professionals specialize.  A construction firm that builds residential homes would not be a good choice for a dental office, even if they are family or friends who can probably get you a “good deal”.  You need to hire a contractor who specializes in the unique needs of today’s ADA compliant medical office.  Not only are they familiar with the requirement, but they are also able to adapt when the code changes.  Something someone who isn’t constantly in the industry is incapable of doing.  In real estate, time is literally money, and hiring someone who does not know the latest ADA code, or is not familiar with the types of permits needed because they are very different from a typical residential or commercial build out, will absolutely delay your project and cost you more money.  In some cases, threatening the stability of the practice especially if you are a start-up.

At Health-Pro Realty Group, we are licensed to sell your house, your timeshare, your cemetery plot, but since we don’t specialize in those markets, we would not take the listing.  Similarly, a residential real estate professional is not a commercial real estate specialist like those at HPRG.  So if you have a family friend who is a residential agent, or you are referred to one, you have to ask yourself “would I let a general dentist perform oral surgery?”

At HPRG, we have assisted hundreds of clients who just like you who have dreamed of opening their own office.  Working with a network of specialists have helped our clients avoid the pitfalls that the journey can be filled with.  Our task is to make your journey as smooth as possible while being as efficient as possible, and working with the right team is imperative to accomplishing that.