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A Dental Office Space Less Than 4,000 Square Feet?

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A Dental Office Space Less Than 4,000 Square Feet?

 small dental officeMedical and dental office space designs are all too often tied to traditional concepts: a waiting room, reception area, exam rooms and offices, but there are new design concepts influenced by tech trends that could upend the old way of thinking.

Not only is it possible to reduce medical office space square footage, but you can create a modern office design that will attract the patients you want to build your practice.

Stand Up and Move About

Health risks associated with staff sitting at a desk all day are more in the mainstream thinking than ever. So a practical solution is standing desks with a wall-mounted adjustable monitor. The computer screen is easily raised and lowered to accommodate, sitting, standing, and even kneeling in the workspace.

By changing the positions throughout the day, it helps increase both circulation and productivity. There are even options that come with a treadmill. Imagine that. And these adjustable workstations take up less space than a traditional seated desk area.

Mobility at Work

Just as smartphones, tablets and laptops are shrinking in size, so is diagnostic equipment. In the medical profession, newer high-quality ultrasound devices can be carried in one hand or fit into a pocket, while in dental offices, handheld x-ray machines can be carried from room to room. This decreases the space necessary for larger examination rooms without the bulkier equipment of years gone by.

Mobile Health Devices

The explosion of mobile health devices or mHealth will reduce the number of face-to-face doctor visits. As people use this online option for their healthcare needs, less physical space in the office is needed. This increase in Internet-based medicine will also decrease the number of exam rooms necessary and they will be replaced with talking rooms bereft of equipment, further whittling down the need for square footage.

So is it possible to have a medical or dental office space in less than 4,000 square feet?

Here’s one such story in Spain. Built with a total budget of 350,000 € or roughly $383,000, a modern, minimalistic dental office was imagined by Estudio Arquitectura Hago. Filled with light, the second floor contemporary dental office hides a smart practical space division that organizes the flow of patients and medical personnel in an intelligently designed space.

Translucent white glass hiding laboratories and a warehouse, alongside warm wood insertions on the sides, compose a free-flowing space, where medicine and hospitality meet. Glossy walls and partitions oppose soft wood touches to create a dynamic space, where anyone can feel comfortable to wait their turn. See for yourself what can be done with a moderate budget and a creative imagination.