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What You Need to Know Before You Relocate Your Dental Office Space

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What You Need to Know Before You Relocate Your Dental Office Space

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Relocating your dental practice is a big step, whether it’s your first dental office space or the third or fourth. The basic challenges are the same. First and foremost, make a list of what you want. If it comes to making a compromise here or there, you can prioritize between wants and needs. Finding a space that will reflect your brand is also important and that means more than just location. Here are some important things to know.

Community Demographics

Current research show 25% of dentists who purchased a new location moved to a new community. Decide what community you want to set up your dental practice. That might depend on your specialty. For instance, if you specialize in pediatric dentistry, you might want an area with young families or a respected school district. If you specialize in aesthetic dentistry, look for communities with high disposable incomes.

 Accessible Location

Your practice should be convenient for patients to access, such as an easily recognizable like a shopping center or busy area of the city. If your location is on the far side of town, you may have plenty of room for parking, but few patients. Don’t make them drive to Timbuktu or they may look for a dentist closer to home.

 Valuate the Real Estate

While it’s important to find a location that will be easily accessible and visible to your patients, make sure to broaden your search to dental office spaces that are also more affordable. As with all businesses, it can be difficult to get the momentum started, and you may not see significant revenue for the first few months. Develop a rent payment plan that works for your business so you can invest in other aspects of your practice.

The Competition

Breaking into a new market or community can be challenging. Especially if you’re competing with neighborhood dentists people know and like. Since you won’t have roots at that point, you will need a strategy to give your practice a competitive edge. Perhaps it’s your specialty or a clever marketing campaign tied to the community.

Relocating your dental practice is a big financial commitment. Even if you’re setting up a second location, getting a new practice started requires time, careful planning, and excellent marketing. Understand how to negotiate a dental office space lease with the property owner you’ll be working with to be sure that all of these factors fit with your practice’s business goals.

Many practices prefer the advantage of working with an expert dental leasing agent, since they usually know about the best medical and dental office spaces before they even hit the market. These savvy pros also have established relationships with area contractors, lawyers, architects, medical suppliers and more to ensure your dental practice enjoys a smooth, organized move, free of aggravation.