20 Years and 4 Million Square Feet Later …

That’s how long Health-Pro Realty Group (HPRG) has been at it – learning how to fully understand the nuances of the medical and dental fields and what you need and want in an office space lease.

So far, some of the top Who’s Who in business made the decision to work with us to find prime leases, many of which are not even on the market yet. That adds up to about 4 million square feet of medical space and dental office space leases we have negotiated for our customers across the country.

You have a Choice!

You can spend endless hours of your valuable time on the phone, visiting potential locations and being away from your practice; or, you can contact a medical or dental real estate pro at HPRG and let us do the heavy lifting.  It’s your choice.

  • We understand the medical and dental fields
  • We know how to ferret out details and hidden clauses
  • We have access to real estate not yet on the market
  • We know people: Contractors, Lawyers, Architects, Medical suppliers

Medical Realty Group

Their are tons of medical professionals out there who want to start their own practice but some continue to wait because they are trying to do everything themselves. Some may pay an adviser an astronomical amount of money to help them facilitate things they can do on their own with minor guidance. That is where HPRG shines. Utilizing our advisory services along with our complimentary educational techniques we can help you find the right medical office space, negotiate the deal, point you in the direction of several contractors, marketing teams and more.

HPRG helps facilitate all of these every step of the way. Only the best choices that help you reach your goals will be presented and ultimately it all comes down to your final decision on everything. Don’t waste your money on expensive advisers who want to get you in and out of their door as quickly as possible. Don’t waste your time waiting to start your practice because you simply don’t have the time to do the research. Let us help you become financially independent and add the title of entrepreneur to your resume.