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Your Dental Office Design Creates New Patient Buzz

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Your Dental Office Design Creates New Patient Buzz

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Investing in a streamlined, well-functioning dental office design for your practice is a smart move. Whether you’re leasing, remodeling or building a new dental facility from scratch, there are some essentials to focus on in designing an office space that will help create a more productive, comfortable, patient-friendly practice.

Your office space is an individual matter based on your needs and budget. But, here are some key points that are common to any office: aesthetics; enabling key personnel; controlling noise; and creating prompt access to key equipment and materials. Here are some things to consider – from creating a pleasant, stimulating atmosphere to effortless integration of technology into your practice.

Office Space to Fit Your Needs

Your new dental dental office space should be large enough to be comfortable and fit the needs of your personnel and patients without going overboard. While this may seem obvious, many dentists create spaces that are under or oversized. You want to create a patient flow that allows high efficiency while preventing system bottlenecks.

Centralize Access to Supplies

Your supply area is the clinical hub of your space. Make sure this area is central and fully equipped to both sterilize and restock the entire facility. If you are creating a facility with fewer than 10 treatment areas, it’s best not to consider multiple sterilization locations. Instead, centralize. The design details of your sterilization area are vital. A good layout, ease of use and durability are purchasing decisions to consider.

Make Inventory Easy

Centralize all of your storage, not just your bulk purchases. Consolidate your active storage for efficient room resupply. When your office is burdened with too much inventory, it makes control of purchasing and rotation of stock complicated. It can also result in unintentional product outdates. Your resupply system should be hidden from patient view yet readily accessible to your staff.

Cost Control

Whether it’s a lease, new construction or remodeling, once you have committed to your objectives, prioritize them. Although an office should be a comfortable place to enjoy your work, it basically must serve as a profit center first. Surveys estimate=as much as 60 percent of a structure’s cost results from long-term maintenance – not the original construction costs. Your plan must include ease of maintenance and be based on a confident dental business opportunity.

Compact, Functional Treatment Rooms

Save money in the purchase of your core equipment so that you’ll be able to spend your dollars on the technology products that you need and patients want. Consolidate your treatment rooms. Efficient room organization and strategic planning create better ergonomic function. It also decreases the needed space for plumbing and electrical costs per room. With efficient treatment rooms, sterilization is better centralized. Also, you might even save enough to pay for an additional treatment room.

Embedded Technology

Design your office for simple and inexpensive equipping. Embed core technology within your delivery system and avoid purchasing equipment that requires you to “patch on” the tools that you use every day. Your patients are impressed by your care, concern, privacy, and technology, but it’s easy to diminish their emotional support when they see cluttered, overstocked, confining treatment areas with little or no privacy.

It doesn’t make good sense to save a small amount of money on design and construction which results in the need to lease or purchase expensive cabinet room dividers and head walls. Even if you rent your dental office space, the tax savings gained by leasing an expensive cabinet will never outweigh the value of simple, inexpensive solid-wall room dividers.

Create New Patient Buzz

Your new dental office design should make a definite statement, especially for new patients. After all, they’re placing their trust in you and your clinical and aesthetics skills. Your office doesn’t need to be flashy, but it should reflect an appropriate level of quality that’s noticeable the minute your patients walk through the door.