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Your Medical Office Space Speaks Volumes about Your Practice

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Your Medical Office Space Speaks Volumes about Your Practice

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What is it about a hospital or a medical office space that make most people cringe when they walk through the door? Is it the pungent, pervasive antiseptic smell or the stiff, austere furnishing and décor? Perhaps it’s some of each.

But even before you walk through the door there’s the element of location to consider. Are your patients forced to drive for miles to get to your medical office and then face the annoyance of finding a parking space within walking distance?

All things considered, it’s enough to make you cancel your medical appointments indefinitely.

One topic of conversation among medical professionals is the challenge of creating the ideal medical office space. Patients and colleagues have suggestions about what they think makes an inviting space.

Here are some thoughts on the subject:

Your location should not only be accessible with plenty of free parking within walking distance, it should also be one of few (if not only) medical or dental facility in the area. It’s important to know this upfront so you avoid the mistake of becoming one of 27 doctors or dentists within a 10 miles radius instead of the top choice. Understanding the competition gives you the advantage of being more than a number.

Patients have contributed suggestions for what they say a medical office should be. Here are some ideas to give you food for thought.

  • Soothing, warm-tone colored walls and furnishings
  • A natural scent, live greenery and ambient music
  • Engaging children’s area separate from the adults
  • Adequate space for wheelchairs and scooters
  • Wi-Fi for people who must stay connected


Commercial real estate statistics show that even during the turbulent real estate market, the delinquency rate for general office space was around 9.2%, compared with 3.3% for medical offices.

Whether you’re a real estate investor wanting a property that will be in high demand, or a medical professional wanting to invest in your own space, investing in medical office space is a smart move.

Just remember that your choices of location, design and environment speak volumes about you and your practice. Just be sure to make your new space inviting so your patients will have such a good experience, they will tell their friends and family about it; and, look forward to their next visit.